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New 13-09, 11:06
Legends of Aria next testing phase September 20th!
New 13-09, 12:11
just wanted to drop a line and say hey guys! wondering whats the current status of everyone and if they are deciding to play one of the new darkfalls? not enthused about paying for the betas of these new ones but maybe worth a shot.. so many fond memories
New 12-08, 18:27
yea it was unpopulated though when i tried new dawn. so i payed for rise of agon. might hit that or albion again. but i have shroud too. didnt like it much in alpha
New 04-08, 11:33
Shroud of the avatar o how could I miss THAT launch AHHHHHHH
New 09-07, 12:06
just downloaded it ...holy shitty 200+ ping and graphics batman
New 28-06, 11:54
you guys gonna play new dawn?
New 27-05, 02:10
New 21-05, 03:53
New 21-05, 03:53
New 12-04, 22:02
New 02-04, 19:47
New 02-04, 01:18
New 26-03, 20:18
Welcome to Jacob's Trouble friends!
New 07-03, 17:11
will be on shortly
New 07-03, 12:51
game is cool
New 07-03, 12:51
im in
New 06-03, 18:03
PERSINN /w wreatch when i in game, gotta re invite to guild
New 06-03, 18:03
New 06-03, 15:16
i cant seem to activate my email for black desert. it doesnt send me it
New 06-03, 15:15
hey thx a lot wreatch im gonna download
New 06-03, 15:02
UNO Calpheon U1
New 06-03, 15:00
Good news, SENT CHECK U PM'S !
New 06-03, 14:57
Ill see if anyone else has one
New 06-03, 14:57
out already bleh
New 06-03, 14:57
Doh, sorry
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